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This is course is not a substitute for medical advice and the participant should contact their medical provider before making any changes. 

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The Habit Kickstarter 2022

What you'll get - All the materials, weekly coaching & more . . . (Over a $600 value!)

  • 5 weeks of weekly group coaching via Zoom ($200)
  • 1-1 Nutrition consult with Ali at the end ($100)
  • 35 total (3-5 per week) educational videos to teach you the WHY'S ($200)
  • Welcome packet with 2 week meal plan, healthy dessert options & so much more! ($100)
  • Private FB group for extra support.
  • PLUS, Bonus trainings to solve common Holiday struggles, social situations, eating out & more!

No more crash diets! Instead build healthy habits for:

  • More energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Weight loss 4-10+lbs
  • Better relationship with food
  • Better digestion (#poopEveryday)

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What People Are Saying:

I enjoyed learning new things about my eating habits and really making healthy changes a priority. My focus was food logging. I learned a lot about what I’ve been eating. It was eye opening. I would highly recommend HK for my friends, clients and family.


I learned so much and mostly learned I have more to learn. Walking daily was not a problem, I've done that for years. Adding the extra water daily I think was a big help. What I was so concerned over, getting rid of chocolate daily, was a struggle at first but now is really not a big issue. I definitely would do it again! The two biggest take aways for me (and there were more) are to continue to track the 5 habits and shoot for a minimum of 4 points daily and to eat at the table without distractions. The first are the things I continuously did prior to COVID, but have let it go. This Kickstarter gave me that ‘kick’ to get back on track. The second I believe will help with my mindless snacking. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. You’re the best!


I am going to the gym almost everyday, feeling great. Getting good sleep. I am being more mindful at meal times and eating less at dinner. I also use my devices less at night, and have started reading instead.


5 lbs of sustainable weight loss, stuck to being gluten free and feeling much better for it. I am in the optimal range for my Whoop band for the first time!


I am sleeping at least 8 hrs per night & going to bed early! Water intake is up. Zero Alcohol. My mindset, more focused and stoic then I’ve been in a long time, like over a year. 1 hour of meditation per day, with bullet point notes at the end of why, then what I desire to achieve with the precious time I have left on this beautiful earth. New solid morning routine beginning with 3 glasses of water, 1.5hrs of reading followed by a workout! So I basically feel like a perfect human specimen! But it’s all good, I love this shit Ali! Genuinely. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be a part of this awesome program. It’s in the top 3 of the “best decision made this year” category!