Supplements. Do you need them? What should you be taking?

functional medicine lifestyle nutrition supplements Nov 03, 2021

Uh. Supplements. Do you need them? What should you be taking?

At my core I have a lifestyle & food first approach. 
You need to be doing the THINGS, & the ACTIONS on a daily basis to get healthier. 

No supplement can replace - water, walking, exercise, stress management, & real food. 

But they can help supplement your positive lifestyle. 
And they can certainly support your body’s natural healing process while you are working on making those positive changes. 
So what do I typically recommend taking? 
  1. Multivitamin - As our soil becomes more and more depleted from over farming and poor crop rotation, our food becomes less nutrient dense as well. Simply taking a multivitamin each day can give you some “nutritional insurance”. My favorites are O.N.E. by Pure Encapsulations or if you struggle to remember to take your vitamins - SmartyPants have a tasty gummy version that will help you form that healthy habit. 
  2. Magnesium - This nutrient is involved in so many enzymatic processes in the body but is also a very common nutrient deficiency. Magnesium glycinate can help with sleep, relaxation, stress reduction, constipation, cramps, workout recovery, and so much more! Magnesium citrate is especially useful as a laxative so be sure to increase your dose slowly.
  3. Protein powder - Low protein intake is probably the most common issue with new clients. Adequate protein intake helps to regulate hunger, maintain/build muscle mass, and stabilize blood sugar/energy levels throughout the day. 
  4. Digestive enzymes - Help to breakdown food more efficiently, easing bloat, indigestion, constipation and more. I highly recommend traveling with digestive enzymes incase you ingest some food or bacteria that upsets your stomach. 
  5. Creatine - This supplement is probably one of the most well researched for it’s performance enhancing effects. It aids recover, muscle growth/repair and helps you squeak out a few more repetitions in the gym to really push that muscle growth phase. 
  6. Fish oil - Most diets don’t include enough fish that contain the powerful anti-inflammatories known as Omega 3 fatty acids. Even if you are this can be an extra dose of those nutrients for overall wellness, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. 
  7. Vitamin C - A great general anti-inflammatory supplement that can also act as a gentle laxative for those who suffer with constipation. 
  8. Vitamin D3/K2 - These common nutrients are often lacking in our modern diet and lifestyle. With people spending more time inside vs outside in the sun many people have become deficient in Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K can be found in leafy green cruciferous veggies - which are the most popular picks for most. **Note: you should have Vitamin D levels checked before supplement since vitamins ADEK are fat soluble and can be over consumed.**
  9. Probiotics - The type/strain of probiotics that you take is incredible important and needs to be specific for the issue/symptom you are trying to address. Please ask me or you medical provider for a specific recommendation. 
  10. Protein bars - These are great for emergencies to hold you over until your next meal or if you are really craving a candy bar… this can taste great and give you a good dose of protein that won’t tank your blood sugar like candy will. My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter performance bar by Garden of Life. 
  11. Heartburn Essentials - This little gem is a great blend of herbs that help soothe and protect inflamed tissue, while helping you digest your food with gentle digestive enzymes. This plus dietary changes can do a lot to ease heartburn or acid reflux. 
Want more specific advice on how to supplement your healthy lifestyle - book a call with Ali and talk about booking a consult or Nutrition Coaching. Click here to schedule your free 20 min call.
Disclaimer: You should always consult your medical provider before starting or stopping a nutrition supplement. None of the information posted above is medical advice. 

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