Black Friday Buys for Better Health! (+Stocking stuffer ideas!)

black friday blue light blockers chocolate christmas ideas discounts save money step counter stocking stuffers supplements Nov 22, 2021
Hey Friends, 
Black Friday Deals are almost here, so what is on your list? Can I make some suggestions? Because if you are going to throw some cash, why not do it and get support your own health journey? 
These are some purchases that I think would only HELP you get fit & healthy this year! Plus scroll down for some Christmas ideas to buy now & save!
  • Step counter - FitBit/Apple Watch/Solar (once you see how much are or how little you are moving… you are more likely to change that!).
  • Wireless headphones (AirPods) - take your calls on the move! Walk & talk whenever possible!
  • Nice (large) water bottle - Get one larger water bottle 40 oz or larger then you don’t have to keep refilling it. I’m a hydro flask fan or any brand that keeps it cold or hot for long periods. 
  • New shoes - make it comfy & ATTRACTIVE to get moving & get walking. (Reebok usually has tennis shoes for 50% off every year!)
  • Cold weather gear (headlamp, hiking boots, warm gloves, umbrella, etc) - decrease those BARRIERS to walking this time of year. #NoExcuses!
  • Workout clothes - Make it FUN & ATTRACTIVE working out is more fun in cute outfits that make you feel great. It’s a fact.
  • Home gym equipment (Peloton, Tonal, Rowing machine, Ski Erg, bike, yoga mat, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell, bumper plates, resistance bands, box for step ups, etc.)
  • Massage gun - Help your recovery with a percussion gun that helps you break up those knots! Costco had one for $80 last week that I heard was going to be another $15 off!
  • Protein powder - Check out my favorite protein powders on for 20% off!! Just create a log in and shop all products with 20% off  - this week only!
  • High powered Blender (Cuisinart, Ninja, etc) - Make it easy to whip up a smoothie, soup, or other fun recipes with these awesome kitchen tools.
  • Instapot (slow cooker, rice cooker, and so much more - GET ONE). - THIS IS A KITCHEN MUST. This device is about 7 appliances all in one! It will save you so much time for prepping meals ahead of time.
  • Glass Tupperware for safe food storage. - Glass is ideal, try to limit plastic and this time of year is a great time to get a great deal on the good stuff - check Costco.
  • Better skin care/make up - Shop local with your local Beauty Counter, Arbonne, Sient or Mary Kay representative.
  • A general cleaning solution like Dr. Bronner’s Soap, or bar soap from a local shop.
  • Loose leaf tea & Kombucha - great way to expand your beverage options and help you reduce other not so great drink options.
  • Supplements - More info coming tomorrow, but I will be changing my supplement site to a huge 20% off supplements from my normal 10% off for my clients. All you have to do is create an account at and SHOP!
  • Underwear, socks & deodorant - because you will always need it more ;P


Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  • Better chocolate - look for higher % cocoa, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, or Justins’s peanut/almond butter cups instead of Reese’s cups. 
  • Trail mix - great sweet & savory snack option. You could even make a custom blend for each person by going to the bulk section of grocery stores!
  • Dried fruit - mango, strawberries, blueberries, etc. These are great sweet treats without the crap and way more nutrition!
  • Gummy Multivitamins - My favorite brand is SmartyPants! They are great way to build a routine around taking your vitamins! They taste great and there are specific products for kids, men, women through all stages of life. They even have probiotic gummies! Shop here for 20% Thanksgiving week only! just create an account & shop!
  • Goli gummies - they have apple cider vinegar, ashwaganda & a fruit blend. Making it easier and tastier to get those supplements in your day! 
  • Fresh fruit - It is tradition (along with chocolate) to get a price of fresh fruit in our stocking, usually a tangerine, although I prefer and apple or banana these days. 
  • Mixed nuts - pro tip with this one buy the natural form if possible - pistachios in shells or peanuts in shells, this requires you to work a little bit when snacking and helps with portion control. 
  • Warm socks, scarves, hats, ear warmers are great gifts that aren’t always food! 🙂 
  • Magazines, books or even an audible gift card so they can buy a book to listen to on their next walk! 
  • Cheap step counter - Apple watches are great but they can be $$$ so I used a similar watch that is link here to simple count my steps to make sure I was moving enough through the day. You can of course get nicer ones but this one is an easy & cheap starter option.
  • Blue Light Blocking glasses - for those late nights you can't avoid being on devices, this will help you get to sleep better. 


Where these ideas helpful??

Please share on your social media, with a friend and give us a follow. Thank you so much for supporting my small business & Happy Thanksgiving!



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