The Holiday


No more holiday weight gain with this program!

Imagine a lifestyle program that gets you healthier and teaches you moderation so you can enjoy your holiday season AND feel your best. A few weeks of coaching, education & these simple habits can give you the
better energy, better sleep, smooth digestion, and confidence in your body you have truly been craving

No magic pills, juices or templates.

Just hard work, real food, & healthy habits - With the help of your Salem area wellness coach (that's Me - Ali) and a community!

December 6th, 2021 to January 9th, 2022!


EXTRAS for The Holiday HK

Eating shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why we've designed a simple and engaging learning experience to elevate your healthy habits to achieve next level consistency! 

Bonus features: 

  • 1 Bonus week! (5 weeks total)
  • Holiday Recipes
  • Alcohol guide
  • Bonus training videos on: 
    • Navigating social settings. 
    • How to change your culture around food.
    • Changing family traditions for the HEALTH of it. 
  • Includes one coaching call with Ali at the end (normally $100 per consult)

Learn Together

With our Habit Kickstarter Community, the answer to any question you have throughout your transformation is only one post away. Plus access to your coach when ever you need something. We're here for you!

JOIN the HOLIDAY Habit Kickstarter


Lose 4-10+ lbs. Our Salem based wellness coach can help you learn to make mindful eating choices. Focus on small actionable goals.


Increased mental & physical energy. Become more present for your family with better mental clarity & focus. 


Look no further for the preparation techniques you've been looking for truly restorative sleep. 


Get your gut MOVING in the right direction. No more heartburn, bloating, constipation, or loose urgent BMs with our Salem based nutritionist coaching you every week. 

Build a Better Daily Routine


Five weeks is plenty of time to learn new life-skills and create lasting habits when you are practicing these actions everyday! It's about repetitions, not the length of time!


Share in the struggles and celebrations of the others in Habit Kickstarter. Learn from each other. Encourage one another. Hold each other accountable.


Participate in group coaching via Zoom each week! Plus, recorded videos on important topics to watch on-demand. 


Learn by watching 3-5 short videos each week plus a comprehensive welcome packet full of resources, like a 2 week meal plan, mindfulness tips, and much more!

Why wait?

Create a life where you feel you feel your best, 
more energy, better sleep, smooth digestion, and confident in your body

No magic pills or templates.

Just hard work, real food, & healthy habits - with a coach and a community.

JOIN the HOLIDAY Habit Kickstarter

The Holiday Habit Kickstarter

No more holiday weight gain or unhealthy habits. Join us for 5 weeks of education, accountability and healthy habits to change your life.









Landon K.

"I love the accountability aspect most because it provided me the drive to stay committed and on track for the entire month. Here are my daily habit changes I made during the program…Completely eliminating alcohol, fast food, energy drinks, & soft drinks, gym workouts – 4 days a week, drinking my daily recommended water intake, daily vitamin consumption (all 3 juice+, krill oil, & aminos). I am significantly less stressed and have increased energy and focus. Most importantly, how much more present I am in my family’s life."

Rachelle N.

"I learned so much and mostly learned I have more to learn. Adding the extra water daily I think was a big help. What I was so concerned over, getting rid of chocolate daily, was a struggle at first but now is really not a big issue. I definitely would do it again! The two biggest take aways for me (and there were more) are to continue to track the 5 habits and shoot for a minimum of 4 points daily and to eat at the table without distractions. The first are the things I continuously did prior to COVID, but have let it go.

This Kickstarter gave me that ‘kick’ to get back on track. The second I believe will help with my mindless snacking.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. You’re the best!"

Kevin M.

"I am sleeping at least 8 hrs per night & going to bed early! Water intake is up. Zero Alcohol. My mindset, more focused and stoic then I’ve been in a long time, like over a year. 1 hour of meditation per day, with bullet point notes at the end of why, then what I desire to achieve with the precious time I have left on this beautiful earth. New solid morning routine beginning with 3 glasses of water, 1.5hrs of reading followed by a workout! 

So I basically feel like a perfect human specimen!

I love this shit Ali! Genuinely. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be a part of this awesome program. It’s in the top 3 of the “best decision made this year” category!"

Shannon B.

"I enjoyed learning new things about my eating habits and really making healthy changes a priority. My focus was food logging. I learned a lot about what I’ve been eating. It was eye opening. In order to reach my goals this would be the area I need to still continue with. I would highly recommend HK for my friends, clients and family."


"I am going to the gym almost everyday, feeling great. Getting good sleep. I am being more mindful at meal times and eating less at dinner. I also use my devices less at night, and have started reading instead."


"A great coach is someone who instills confidence in their clients. I feel that Ali has inspired me to learn more about my body and believe in actions creating results.

Before this, I tried on my own with various methods and ended up losing steam and not getting sustainable results. After the class, I have managed to be disciplined, thanks to the program structure. This discipline has taught me to progress towards my goals. I have better sleep, thanks to her guidance on eating a gluten free, dairy free diet. I consciously walk on daily basis, drink water on daily basis and try to eat healthy fats and protein. This has led to better energy overall. I feel I’m a better human and not exaggerating. I look forward to work with her in future to achieve difficult goals."