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Habit Kickstarter FAQ:

  1. How long is the Habit Kickstarter (HK)? - The Habit Kickstarter is 4 weeks in length. 
  2. What results can I expect after the 4 week? - Past participants saw a total weight loss over 4-5 week period of 4-10lbs when they followed the program completely. This will vary based on your current habits, amount of weight you have to lose and your commitment to the program. 
  3. What material comes with the HK? - You will receive a welcome packet which is a PDF with 24+ pages of resources, the habit tracker (where you track your daily habits & points), 2 week meal plan, list of healthy dessert alternatives, basic nutrition information plus access to the weekly videos once you create a login for
  4. How much access will we have to our Nutrition Coach? - You will have weekly group coaching calls with your Salem based healthy eating coach, and you can submit questions that will be covered in the zoom calls and/or in the FB group via a post or Live video. You can always email your coach as well with mid-week questions.
  5. What will the Zoom calls be like? - The Zoom calls will be structured and time capped to respect everyone's time. We will review some of the topics of the videos that were posted that week in addition to celebrating wins, looking for opportunities to improve in the future and of course answering questions that come up. 
  6. How do I win the HK? - You can win the HK by accumulating the most points for performing the daily habits (drinking your water, going for walks, exercising, logging your food, and getting enough sleep). 
  7. What are the prizes for the HK? - The top 3 finishes all receive prizes including- 1 month free nutrition coaching, $100 supplement protocol customized for you by Coach Ali, $50 gift card to your local grocery store. 
  8. What if I can’t attend the Zoom calls live? - Zoom calls will be recorded and sent out via email to participants that cannot attend live. 
  9. What if I don’t have social media to join the Facebook group? - You do not need social media to participate in the HK, there is a private Facebook group for the current HK participants but you are not required to join and all crucial information will be delivered via the website videos, emails, or zoom call. 
  10. What do I get points for in this HK challenge? - You get points for performing the daily habits - drinking your water (1/2 your bodyweight in ounces), going for walks (15mins or longer), exercising (30 mins minimum), logging your food, and getting enough sleep (7 hrs minimum).
  11. What if I am not exercising right now? - you do not need to be exercising right now. Exercise is relative to the individual and we will help you create an exercise routine you enjoy and can sustain. 
  12. Do I need a gym membership to do the workouts? - No. There are plenty of free forms of exercise that you can take advantage of - walking, jogging, home workouts, YouTube workouts, jazzercise, yoga, Zumba, etc. 
  13. Does this include a workout plan? - No. There is no specific workout plan associated with this class because many people enjoy different forms of exercise/movement. We will help you find a routine that makes you healthy, happy and can maintain for a long time. 
  14. Does this include a meal plan? - Yes. The welcome packet PDF includes 2 weeks worth of simple meal ideas that follow a simple structure so you can recreate and use to swap out foods you don’t like for ones you do. This way you won’t need a meal plan forever and you will learn to make balanced meals for yourself based on the foods you like to eat and help you stay healthy. 
  15. Am I allowed desserts on this challenge? - There are no “banned” foods in this class. You do not lose points if you eat candy. All you have to do is write down or log what you ate or you will not get your daily points for logging your food. The point of this class is not restriction. The goal is to provide education, awareness of your current habits, and encourage consistency to making better choices. 
  16. Is this only for people seeking weight loss? - No. Weight loss is not everyone's goal when they are pursuing better health. Some have even done this group to help gain healthy weight back, hence why you will not get any points for losing weight. 
  17. Are supplements included in this challenge? - No. I believe supplements should have a purpose and should therefore be personalized to the individual their health status and goals. I am happy to set up an appointment to discuss what supplements you should be taking in a one-on-one appointment outside this HK class. 

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